Will Hurley

Gonzaga College HS




Alexandria, VA


San Antonio, TX

Favorite Author or Book:

Frank X Walker

Dream for the Future:

To enjoy life and have a good time

Inspirational Figure:

My older brother Jonathan

Ode to the Jacket That Has Been There Through It All

Through one,




four generations

you offered your thick fabric as protection.


Your plaid interior exploding outward.

The dirty brown outer-layer

fighting off the elements that wish to harm.

Through this and that,

you stood the exam of time.

With a passing grade,

an A+, you persevered.


During the first,

you were untouched by the sin and dirt of the world.

Perfect still in your youth and innocence.


With the second,

you matured as an article of clothing.

Still perfect as a child is.

Yet you make mistakes,

you get your holes and your scuffs,

beaten and torn you still serve your purpose.


While you were protecting the third,

you represented years of protection.

With your experience from past events,

you learned.

You learned how to protect and

comfort your wearer,

in all circumstances.


Now with me.

your history,

your story,

lives on.

Through the rain and snow,

sleet and hail

you shield me.

Much like you did with the



and third