Raje Fields

Anacostia Senior High School




Southeast DC


Washington, DC

Dream for the Future:

To do music

Inspirational Figure:

My mother

My Brother My Brother


Trying to define unity

Asking a whole community

What exactly does UBUNTU mean

Hoping for a big opportunity


We must stay united

like one big family

We have a future and we are excited

We might leave one by one

But we return reunited


We must never reject anyone; though they must first be incited

we live in the south side area

Our schools are polluted with bacteria

Drugs, guns and poverty create a certain hysteria


Taking over the cycles

connecting with my people from North America to Nigeria


We must stay as one

Remembering the days when our hood was fun

Before they came and planted the guns

Now we scream and


run run run…


We never let fear stop us, we have to get things done

So we can see the next new sun


Our past


a bloody streak that runs through us all

Like deep raspy voices in my head, constantly they call

So much so, that when I want to sit low

I stand up tall


Together we must never Fall




Just like Achebe wrote


We are a community of strong black




I extend my hand to you


This is what we do