Lila Safavi

Sidwell Friends School




Washington, DC


Washington, DC

Favorite Author or Book:

Rob Buyea

Dream for the Future:

A peaceful world and a healthy environment

Inspirational Figure:

My father

Waves of Happiness

I jump high, a two-legged gazelle

Arching my back, a perfect crescent moon

Kicking my legs up behind me

Throwing my head back

A giant, toothy grin on my face

The wind blowing my hair in every direction

Like Tibetan prayer flags.


I land with a splash in crystal clear waters

Turquoise from the white sand,

A mirror reflecting the cloudless blue sky.

A transparent fish darts between my ankles,

An expert skier slaloming in and out.


As the sun begins to set

I dig my toes in the sand

A radiator giving off the warmth absorbed from the sun.

Quiet all around, nature’s Meeting for Worship,

The only sound the soft waves gently kissing the beach.


All that is left to do

Is to pinch myself

To confirm this dream

Is in fact reality.