Keshawnna Napper

Anacostia Senior High School




Benning Terrace


Washington, DC

Dream for the Future:

To become an architect and own my own construction company

Inspirational Figure:

My mom

A Daughter’s Dream

As a dreamer,

It’s only in my nature to dream.

Daydreaming in class — about your past

Having a blast — until you remember that dreams don’t ever last.


Or until one day,

You’re dreaming and your worst nightmare comes true.

And every thing you asked god to forbid —

comes back to haunt you.


Daydreaming — in my mind

As i talk to the girl who set right behind

I say “man i miss my father”

And i didn’t really mean to bother her

It’s just that i’m kind of a daddy’s girl

and seeing my father just lights up my world.


I say “man i miss my father”

“You say that as if he’s dead”

“What. nah i just miss my father — now you got me feeling scared”

After that moment it kind of raised my suspicions.

Now i’m really on a mission

If my brain was a car i’m quite sure it would be drifting.


Running in the house —

trying to change out of my clothes,

Cause now laying my eyes on my father —

Is my number one goal.


In a hurry to go,

I rush down the stairs.

I bumped into my mama — and notice she looked scared

Her face really puffy and eyes bloodshot red


I asked her what’s wrong but

She didn’t say much.

The words she let out read — “baby i’m sorry”

And that’s when she told me that my father was dead.


Everyone wants to console,

But i refrain because — they don’t really know

And i’m not in the mood for any of that

so, out the door i go.


I run, and run past the buildings, cars and trees,

I run and pray to lord in the sky.

Lord please — Please don’t let this be true

Lord why — why me — why my daddy had to die.


I just got him back— from being behind jail bars

And now i’m losing him to a guy who hides behind the stars.

It’s not fair — and at this moment i’m trying to calm down

While also gasping for air.


Something about this situation seems familiar,

Got me wondering and trying to remember

I’ve seen this scenario —

But i don’t know where — i just don’t know


Then that’s when it hit me —

I had this same dream a month ago.