Jennae Whitted

Benjamin Banneker Academy




Washington, DC


Takoma Park, MD

Favorite Author or Book:

Rick Riordan

Dream for the Future:

To succeed in biochemistry

Inspirational Figure:

My mother

Fashionable Poetry

Apostrophe, “To be or not to be”

What a despairing end, to a symphony

Just because Connotation strikes a different meaning

Doesn’t mean that Denotation isn’t worth hearing


Ekphrasis waxes on about Michelangelo’s shameless works of art

While Epigram, contradicts that thought from the start

Extended figure keeps up the pattern

While Figurative language, tends to discern


Figures of speech contain alliteration and anaphora galore!

Which highlight Juxtaposition even more!

Metaphors, sneakily, take toads and make them seem princely

While Metonymies, stick to one detail of the story


Onomatopoeias love to “flip” and “flop” over the tongue

Personification doesn’t need a person, to get the job done

Rhythm loves making sound an art

But pure Sentimentality, comes from the heart.


Similes like to compare preachers as goats

While Synecdoche and Metonymies go together like “a bunch of oats”

Syntax falls in line and leads the charge

These are some of the elements of poetry, at large.