Emily Klein

Sidwell Friends School




Silver Spring, MD


Silver Spring, MD

Favorite Author or Book:

Stuart Gibbs

Dream for the Future:

To be a teacher and own a bunch of cats and dogs

Inspirational Figure:

My older babysitter, Chelsea

Sunrise at Sunset

It’s 4 am

I roll over in my

Nest of blankets

Uh oh

I heard the telltale squeak

The broken meow


He stalks into my room

an apricot orange fluff


wide green eyes

and a

pink rough tongue


He pads over to my

bed, checking to see

If I am awake

he sees my eyelids flutter


a harumph echoes

from the spot I know

he has jumped up

with his arthritic joints


I feel a paw,

they are silky smooth

pink leathery pads

with long sharp nails


He beats and bats

At my head

He meows and meows

In my ear


Until I finally give in

I stroke his mane

and feel

the tangled bumps of his

knotted fur


I know our time together

is coming closer

and closer to an


it is still barely dawn

but I know

deep down

that all sunrises