Elletta Manley

Anacostia Senior High School




Just want you to Listen, want you to pay attention

Listen to my mindset

set set



Check out my mindset

if you can’t understand me that’s a blind check

you can say I can’t make it that’s a real threat

I’mma take my spot

I’m coming real quick




Going hard showing perseverance

when something blocks my goals that’s an interference




Taking off showing no leaves,

having my parents coming back like remember me?




Where was you in the beginning?

wanna have me now

You didn’t hold me down to the finish.




Now I fall back, got trust issues hope you know that

all my haters that be hatin did you hear that?

I got a lot of aggression

So take a few steps back


When I fall short mom got my back

When I skip a beat dad catch dat.


Uh, yeah, real parents ain’t raise me,

been wit my first cousin since a baby

it’s a shame and yeah it’s crazy

I was born by people who were lazy




bio mother was a drug addict

she was never around such a sad absence




bio father couldn’t raise me

he was 50 yrs old, that’s crazy




Just want you to listen, want you to pay attention, listen to my mindset,

set set



This is my mindset if you come incorrect

get rite checked people want me to smile I can’t do that

if nothing ain’t funny then forget that,




blame it all on the past things

my momma left me wit bad dreams

Moms popped pops wit a frying pan I was 4 yrs old

man I shoulda ran


but my real mama don’t listen

try to talk to her she don’t pay attention

wanna be a mom and friend

know the difference


wish she would pick one and stop all the switchin

mama got it hard cause she don’t wanna listen


steady rep the streets rollin blunts

selling some

thinking it’s ok if she stay on the run


finally got caught now she sitting in a cell

in jail

Wish ya daughter pay ya bail

calling me up wit a hunnid excuses,


steady running game trynna be so exclusive

I ain’t wit the bull

cuz I know she still using


Ain’t foolin me knowing what she been doing,

ain’t finna speak like it when I’m weak

like it when I cry


man the time went by, growing up fast

still dwelling on the past




Just want you to listen,

want you to pay attention

listen to my mindset


set set