Cris Bocock

The Lab School of Washington




Reston, VA



Favorite Author or Book:

The Umbrella Academy by Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá

Dream for the Future:

I want to create art that means something to people

Inspirational Figure:

Chase Rose and Ruby Rose

Welcome To Society

Welcome. I’m your society

I hope you enjoy your stay


I want you to be yourself

Just as long as it fits my way


I don’t care about your lifestyle

It’s just preferred if you’re not gay


You can fall in love with anyone

As long as I approve


On the bright side I’ll let you have your opinions

But they must be shaped to my views


I can help you love your body

But not too much or I’ll tear you down


I love to bully you for everything

And then wonder why you frown


I’ll ask about your problems

But remember I really don’t care


Please trust me with your secrets

As I become your greatest nightmare


I’ll tell you you look beautiful

But that you shouldn’t make a sound


I’ll tell you you mean nothing

And then push you further down


I’ll push you to the edge of death

’Til you’re hanging with a frown


And I promise I’ll cry with the others

When you’re six feet underground


Welcome. I’m your society

I don’t try to deceive


But before I take you in please remember

There is only one way you can leave