Christian Attorri

Emerson Preparatory School



Hide From Badges

You can never call 911

If you or la familia is here



If MS-13 catches you


In their next raid,

You either support them, die

Or call the police and risk deportation

Which may be worse than



The gang also requires your pledge of allegiance

And blood

If you get caught

In between

Their next shootout.


This savagery

Traumatizes every kid

Who sees this


From a baby crib

And hears

Gun shots

From their best friend’s home.


It would be near impossible

For the kids

Growing up

Constantly seeing homicide

Near their homes


To be normal.


While we open our textbooks,

They open their windows

Only able to see the ammo

Spilled the night before.


While we play four square,

They hear cries for help

From the butchering of

Yet another

Familia de cuatro.