Casper Corsello

Parkmont School



A Radical Grammatical Rap

Better, but best you best be braced for the weather, that bests the best, beats them down, nothing better, for besting the rest, when you mess with the best you aren’t getting better, because I got to confess, you’re just like the rest, messing with the best, I know, a mess to process, but to put a finger on the power I possess, better yet, being the best, being capable of keeping up with the same pace as you’re able, but you’re less, less than the best, resting arrest, born to the rest, that breaks the label, obsessed with progress pushing plus the unrest, unexpressed, un addressed, but the poetry has yet to impress the rest, who possess the power to address that they’re blessed with the best, I got the label, magnificent maleficent, mythical fable.


However, never have I ever had a successor, you better remember to remember to surrender, put the pieces together, intending the impending endeavor, have a refresher, have you heard what happens when you run into, rendezvous with the rapping captain? Who, in orders of magnitude, matches, more surpasses the masses in in more than just gratitude.


Rightfully, righteously, personal dynasty, ironically lifelessly, privately perched, top of society. Do what you will, but don’t try to deny, I’m the deity that undermines the man who’s most high. Rhyming, with the entitled time of a lullaby, but not that, rhythm of a rap, for the foot to tap, just that, but I’m bothered by the fact, that I have to ask: but why does my rhythm chime, when I rhyme to an ego lie, is this even my lullaby?... but why, do I have to do that which ignores the facts, because it was assigned to, write a rhyme to someone else’s lullaby?...


Don’t assume there’s room for the impending doom, well I’ll be damned, defining the gloom from the womb to the tomb, I’m the one who looms, words that cut deep like swords, words that don’t last, a blur, too fast, in other words, my words hover with the hummingbirds, discover, the colors, flutter and hover, your colors come over, overcome the duller, be first and faster to master to cast your iconoclast.


I’m the kind of person who people perceive as pathetic, but don’t believe what you perceive, because you’ll regret it, it’s unmistakable, many (un‑observational) make the mistake of thinking I’m an incapable, but what if I told you I’m intangible, that my radical grammatical magical rap that renders your rhythm laughable and impractical rhymed sending you packed back to the national capital of the grammatically incompatible, I’m the grand unsurpassable god with a radical grammatical lightning rod, all I can make of you is a failed fake to break and overtake, make no mistake, I got them awed, a fraud is no match for a grammatical god. A setback, a backtrack, a shame, really just another pawn in the game in my eyes you’re not the same, you’re in the past, another pain, you’re just another link in the chain, I’m not the one to blame, the timed rhyme and spitting rhythm is the game.


I’m enlightened, I’m the titan, taking my time, rhyming to frighten, but I can’t brighten, because my ego, isn’t heightened by boasting night and day, kept at bay, the best, laid to rest because, I better not rest when life damns me depressed, but best, an epiphany flow like superconductivity, and blessed, responsibility, be in my capability but, because my productivity apparently meets the standard insufficiently, being efficient, comes at the cost of creativity. People ask me to put pen to paper to answer what problems are tailor made to test my ability, and people are underwhelmed when I’m Overwhelmed, to test my ability.