Amija Coleman

Friendship Collegiate Academy PCS




Washington, DC



Favorite Author or Book:

Stephanie Powell Watts

Dream for the Future:

To become a journalist and inspire younger youth to raise their voices

Inspirational Figure:

My mother who is very supportive as well as nurturing

Ain’t Nun Peaches and Cream

Ain’t Nun Peaches and Cream

A Black and white color scheme

My hands are in the air

A gun which held me to be static

A gun being pointed in my face

A bullet has no name

Dark skin, bright skin what skin is my right skin

Am I really black?

Or is that what I was told and listened to

My life in your hands

The act of demand

Looking real spiffy and clean and realize my shoes are killing me

We wasting time we blaming them but its black on black crime

You breaking the same law and expecting not to pay the same fine

Black dark

White pure

Why do people have to be so insecure?

Black man shot by a white officer

I was just getting my wallet please officer

In the streets of New York City

“I can’t breathe”

She can’t breathe

We can’t breathe

Mexican, African American, Spanish is race all you see

I dare not say the pledge of allegiance because this is not the land of the free

Eric Garner

Trayvon Martin

Sandra Bland

Amija Coleman

We continue to protest to let our voices be heard

They want us to be silent

I refuse to be quiet

Our justice system is all messed up

They’re our voice

I have a voice but it’s not being heard

Do I need to yell so y’all can hear me?

I know y’all are thinking why she is angry

Cause my feelings are now starting to escape

My own brothers and sisters putting things together like scotch tape

But we losing too many lives got me thinking and contemplating

Am I next in line?

When I look at the news I swear I be filled with devastation

They taking us out one by one no hesitation

I continue to hear all lives matter

Just because I say “black lives matter”

Doesn’t mean yours does not

We need our president to make better decisions

Yes black lives matter ‘cause we’re the ones being imprisoned

I was put in this very universe to be someone’s gift and blessing

No matter what shoes or clothes I have on I don’t wanna be flexin’

I just want to be equal

I want the killing to stop it’s continuing like a sequel

My skin is not only black but tells a story about our pain in the past and also

The glory

Yes I am black

No I’m not mixed

Some might call me light skinned

Some may call me “Twix”

But why?

Why can’t I be me?

Why do I have to be labeled?

If I was to be you, we’ll see who changes the fable

Stereotypes and labels are the issue on the table

Why are we not stable?

A crime is committed and what does the perpetrator get notoriety

Man y’all got on blinders

What happened to this society?

Feel like I’m living in fear, doubt and anxiety

Let’s stand up ‘cause I’m so tired of stressing


We all stand for different things we something like the scientific elements