Alex Harry

‘Parkmont School'




Bethesda, MD


Georgetown, DC

Favorite Author or Book:

Ready Player One

Dream for the Future:

A safer world

Inspirational Figure:

‘My parents'


My full name is Thomas Terry Travis

But everyone calls me Big Bully Tom

Everyone thinks that I am like a bull

A bull that attacks anyone who comes close

But I think that I am like a bee

A bee that protects itself from everything that tries to attack


Every day

When I get home from school

My big brother Bill

Attacks me with his large sweaty hands

And all I can hear is the pounding of his huge hands

And my mom and dad do not hear

One scream or one holler

All they do is watch game shows and think that we play nice

But every so often when my mom and dad do check on us

Bill stops and pretends that we’re playing nice


Every night I go to bed

I go to bed with terrors of my big brother beating me up with his maniacal smile

And I wake and I go to school alone

And anyone who gets too close will be stung with my stinger