Zion Keen

Capital City Public Charter School






Richmond, VA

Favorite Author or Book:

Nikki Giovanni

Dream for the Future:

A world where we think about the environment first

Inspirational Figure:

My grandmother and grandfather

Private Times

Laying, quiet, if to speak my heart will leap from my throat.

Heaven’s gates have been opened, a man, mine.

    Whispers his tongue of arts.

He wants to paint my skies pink and blue and white, and all the pearly colors to make my heart pound.

    My stature of confidence begins to shatter. Butterflies have landed softly, and the feeling foreign.

His voice fills the room,


    ​    consent,

    ​     ​  ​ need.

My heart, crouches, prepares to leap. Jump. Stuck in my mouth, behind my teeth and on the tip of my tongue.

    I feel my sight water, a storm, boiling, ready to explode.

I see his face again, and I see the truth.

    But the truth makes me even more quiet, the devil is coming for his claim.