Zachary Farrington

Sidwell Friends School




Bethesda, Maryland


Washington, DC

Favorite Author or Book:

Marie Lu

Dream for the Future:

To be an astrophysicist

Inspirational Figure:

Neil DeGrasse Tyson

The Silence

The silence is itself a season, and almost unbearable.

No birds chirp in the cracked, barren trees.

No greenery springs out of the loud silence.

It’s almost as if the smooth, white coating creates the silence

that only breaks with the ache of a tree

or some unbearable

noise—the deep dinging of a microwave, the unbearable

sipping of hot cocoa outside, watching for a sliver of movement in the trees

or bushes. The barren bushes with little to no critters breaking this loud silence

that can only be heard by creating more silence

that everything attempts to listen to—the trees:

the towering but desolate oaks.

The birds: the chilled blue jays and nesting cardinals.

The animals: hidden squirrels and rabbits.

All listening carefully to this deafening, unbearable,

smooth, white silence.