Sam Rhee

St. Albans






Mon City, PA

Favorite Author or Book:

Carl Sandburg

Dream for the Future:

A global response to climate change and extreme poverty.

Inspirational Figure:

Ms. Malec, who taught me how to write well (and many other teachers over the years who broadened my world).


if you asked me my name

i didn’t hear, deaf as a

sunflower to anything but

rattling storm.


if you looked at me, really looked at me,

i didn’t see, blind as a

sunflower staring dumb at the sky.


if you smelled like salt and cotton

i didn’t notice, as a

sunflower holds its breath against the acrid

cleansing wind.


if you tasted my secrets

i didn’t mean it, blithe as a

sunflower grown solely for salty seed.


and if you felt something

when we were over

i don’t care

a sunflower only remembers

only lives for

the sun.