Olivia Dietrich

Sidwell Friends School




Chevy Chase, MD

Favorite Author or Book:

Too many!

Dream for the Future:

For everyone to be accepting of others

Inspirational Figure:


The Voice Inside One’s Head

A poem

    is the tiny voice inside one’s head

That cries to be let out

But does not leave when told to.

A dog that cannot make up its mind.


Poems are found everywhere,

In the dirty brown snail climbing up a tall tree.

Or in the fluffy white cloud seen yesterday that was not there today.


Maybe poems are behind the creaky closet door that refuses to open

Or inside the soft lush flowers that open in the beginning of May.


Poems are

Covered by doubt,


and are shut away


Open the door and let words flow



Or keep the poem hidden from view.

Put thoughts inside a chest and throw away

    the key.