Marta Maliszewska

Washington International School




Arlington, VA


Warsaw, Poland

Favorite Author or Book:

I can’t pick just one!

Dream for the Future:

To understand more.

Inspirational Figure:

My mom, Maryla Maliszewska


I daydreamed a shattered girl—sleeping

With her arms twisted around her knees

Bare feet crushing strands

Of neon, golden grass

The midnight dark as her hair

Pooling into shadows

Entrapped in her pearl arms.


Neat, crisp sugar dress

Untouched by the tangled seeds

That blinded the night—

Like cerulean fireflies

Tumbling through choking wind

From a phosphorescent dandelion field.

And the breeze was a brilliant blue


The weeds chewed

A stormy sea of smoke

As it curled around the grassland—

Acrid, sticky, syrupy

Charging to change the night’s color

To a pounded purple and grey

Only to be devoured.


I daydreamed a shattered girl—sleeping

In a plain of vivid-

Coiling golds and blues

And the shimmering air encircled her lungs

Planting brittle leaves

Vines snaking through her veins

While the shadows looked on.