Keya Krishna

Sidwell Friends School




Spring Valley, Washington, DC


Washington, DC

Favorite Author or Book:

J.K. Rowling and Chris Colfer

Dream for the Future:

I want to be a scientist, an ice skater and to be involved in the arts. My dream for the world is zero hunger.

Inspirational Figure:

Albert Einstein, Mirai Nagasu, and Ariana Grande


Beaten and trained in chains.

Sorry is never enough when you suffer the pain of chains.


The lifeless stomps and cries of the animals.

Never forgotten by the victims of the pain of chains.


Lying on the floor, coiled up.

Nothing to see but the pain of chains.


Locked in a cold, dark, and gloomy cell.

All alone except for them and the pain of chains.


Cuts on their legs and scars on their faces.

All that is left is the pain of chains.


Used for our pleasure, never appreciated.

We used the force of the pain of chains.


Always in the shadow of their masters.

Never let out of the pain of chains.


Never loved to the fullest.

But liked because of the pain of chains.