Jefferson Ascencio

Gonzaga College High School




Washington, DC


Washington, DC

Favorite Author or Book:

“Ambiguity over the Confederate Flag” by Frank X. Walker

Dream for the Future:

To enjoy happiness

Inspirational Figure:

My father

Elegy for Forgotten Memories

I do not remember you,

sometimes I do not remember



You slipped away.

Maybe it was for the best.


I try to recall,

but my mind fogs.


My brain tilts his head

puzzled at the sight of you.


Who are you?


You, the steam on the mirror

after a hot bath.


You, a question unanswered,

one I try to decipher.


I hope to crack

the hard-headed surface of


my subconscious with a spoon.

I hope to break through,


chest full of jewels,

and remember you,