Inna Tintchev

National Cathedral School




Washington, DC


Nashville, TN

Favorite Author or Book:

The Little Prince

Dream for the Future:

Finding my own “clean, well-lighted place” – Hemingway

Inspirational Figure:

Michael Bloomberg and Christine Lagarde

Warhol’s Cow

Your pleasant purple and pretty pink

pixels pour from your teated horn

and into my cup of conscience;

they bathe me in memories of

nighttime drives guided by capering

flames of lamplight and hours spent

ruminating fields of information that

coalesce into a pasture of knowledge.

Your reclusive reds and bellicose yellows swing

like a stoplight on an unknown street.


The celestial light switch turns

on and off in an endless cycle, but

your portrait radiates a constant boldness.

As I accelerate toward fresh, faraway

fields of uncut grass, the silent, strong,

steady stream of your nectar flows through

the caverns of my consciousness, supporting

my sprouting stem as I drive toward

the red, yellow, pink and purple horizon.