Ian Makle

Parkmont School




Penn Branch SE


Washington, DC

Favorite Author or Book:

Suzanne Collins

Dream for the Future:

World peace for all people

I’m From

I’m from buttery crescent rolls, mini hot dogs and spicy jerk chicken

Hot as Carolina Reapers.

I’m from “Yes, indeed.”

From Ian and Amir, from Kathy and Stephen.

They love me to the moon and back.


I’m from baseball with the crack of the bat

From Paw Patrol like soft dogs

From Disney magic, United States, France and the UK.


I’m from New Orleans

And the French Quarter, jazz music alive in my ears.

And Cane’s chicken fingers, each bite is a piece of heaven.


I’m from Mardi Gras, throwing beads of every color in parades

From jazz bands on every street.

I’m from music town

From awesome food like

Gumbo, sweet and spicy, and fried chicken.