Graham Velsey

I Was Raised by Family

I was raised by a

Tea drinking

No nonsense

Highly stressing

Vegetarian cooking

TV is a waste of your brainpower

Kind of mother


A high standard setting

Onerous tasking

Over protecting

Let me just call their parents

Kind of mother


Some old-fashioned

Flip phone using

Pet owning

Music is our LIFE, get used to it

Go ask your mother

Go ask your father

Type of parents


A nerf gun toting

Kindle fire carrying


Minecraft playing

Sibling fighting


I defeated the ender dragon

Type of brother


A list making

Looney Tunes quoting

Classical music listening

Student teaching

Cello playing

“Tonight’s a school night, so, no”

Google maps to get to the grocery store

Kind of dad


Some ’30s reminiscing

Bird watching

New Yorker reading

Quietly observing

Jazz listening

Steinway playing

Life goes by too fast

Type of grandparents


I was raised by family.