Courtney Pine

Maret School




Washington, DC


Washington, DC

Favorite Author or Book:

William Shakespeare

Dream for the Future:

My dream is that every individual will achieve their goals with flying colors and without stress to tie them down to the barriers that prevent them from their potential.

Inspirational Figure:

The adult that inspires me is my English teacher, Ms. Gayer, who always writes with perfect grammar and pushes me to achieve more of my goals.


One breath in is all that I need

A second one, with cool air to stifle the greed

The anger


The jealousy

I wish they could take it all away from me

So I could be:

All alone in a room flying

With air that feels like silk pushing me towards trees

And blue birds taking flight

All throughout the night

That is what happens in my dreams


Only in my dreams

It can never be

I will always seem

Stuck with anxiety

Trapped inside a box

Running out of air

The only way to escape is one I’d never dare

Sweat pouring down my face

How did I get into this cage in the first place?


For now I will just try another breath

Like a butterfly wing hovering on my cheek

Takes me to another dream of

. . . Flying . . .