Conor Kelly

Parkmont School






Washington, DC

Favorite Author or Book:

Roald Dahl

Dream for the Future:

To have parody films that are actually funny and don’t just acknowledge the existence of other far better films.

Inspirational Figure:

Trey Parker

The Man, the Woman, and the Painting

A balding man stood on the sidewalk, his periwinkle eyes closed.

He had just gotten back from church

    since he was a very religious man.

However, he had stolen $20 from the donation box

    and his mouth tasted bitter due to the shame he felt.

He shut his eyes because he felt lost and tormented

    looking at the good people walking by.

Even the sidewalk seemed to be disgusted by him,

    screaming at the man and ranting about his thievery.

Suddenly a woman walked up, wearing a dress that smelled

    like the sweetest candy and showed her bare knees.

The woman had a painting up to her face that smelled

    like it had been rotting for a thousand years, in hopes

    of people seeing the painting she had worked so hard on.

The woman, being just as adventurous as Indiana Jones,

    tapped the man on the shoulder trying to get him

    to look at her painting but he ignored her.

The subtle approach failed. The woman decided to be flattering.

“Hey, handsome, you seem like an amazing person.

    Would you care to look at my painting?”

The man, seeing nothing better to do, looked at the painting.

At first it merely looked like a woman in blue, but the guilt

    punched him in the face and it felt like he had been beaten

    with a rock when he realized the painting looked like

    his ex-girlfriend, who had seen the goodness in him.

The painting cried out to him, and this caused him to feel

    even worse and he fell on the ground crying.

The woman decided to back away awkwardly, thinking this man

    was acting a bit creepily, but the painting told her

    to comfort him, like a mother comforting a crying child.

The woman walked up to the man and began hugging him

    and telling him it would be all right.

Once the man calmed down he asked the woman if she

    had painted anything else, and she said she wanted to

    but she didn’t have enough money for art supplies.

The man, realizing he could use the money for good, gave the money

     to the woman and told her to use it to buy art supplies.

The woman left while the man continued to stay on the sidewalk,

    both happier than they had been before.